Whole Woman Wellness Month

Whole Woman Wellness Month

In October, as the Fall brings in the changing colors of the leaves, we want to bring a change in ideas about women’s health and wellness.  Women, the carriers of life, suffer with a lower quality of life often because we’re too concerned about making sure everyone else is okay. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we are vain or selfish if we make ourselves a priority. That narrative must change! We need to seek help when we’re not well, hurting, or feeling alone. Breast cancer, domestic violence, and numerous women’s health issues are stealing our futures and our ability to bring new life into the world. We, at Wright Relations, believe we can be a catalyst for affecting change and bringing awareness to topics so important to women everywhere. We need YOUR help, though! Visit our site to find out how to get involved: Wright Relations
Breast Cancer is a serious illness affecting an increasing number of women each year.  Many survive and we celebrate them.  Many lose the fight and we mourn their memories and their courageous efforts to live.  We want to challenge the narrative of coping with cancer and other illnesses by finding ways to prevent these terrible afflictions.  While we support finding a cure, we want to highlight prevention as well.  A healthy lifestyle is going to be the crucial ingredient to preventing breast cancer.
October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Again, we want to challenge the current narrative that focuses mostly on the physical abuse of women and children.  Abuse is not just physical; it is emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial.  Abuse is dangerous, claiming the lives of more women and children every year.
This year, we have chosen to support the Cleveland Clinic’s Women’s Health Fund, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, and the Domestic Violence and Children’s Advocacy Center. All donations will go to these organizations who are working to treat or prevent breast cancer, domestic violence, and other women’s health issues.
In addition to women’s health, we want to empower women by highlighting successful women in the field of public relations and marketing. We’d also like to celebrate women who’ve championed cancer, violence and other health issues and are #winning life. We want to hear these stories and share them.  We need more positive messaging that trumpets the accomplishments of women.
Why Wonder Woman for our campaign? We believe that every woman is a superhero. We want women to share their superhero stories and encourage other women to keep fighting! Women across the globe are currently fighting for a better quality of life: to be seen, loved, cherished, respected… approved. We must empower women to succeed in life and to take better care of ourselves.  By highlighting prevention screenings and check-ups, we want to give women the information necessary to thrive.
Life is quality not merely existing.