Women & Mental Health by Bianca Danielle Guidry

Ask 50 women today to name all of the things they love. How long do you think it would take for them to say that they love themselves? What is the percentage of women who recognize that they need to be loved as much as the next person, even the people for whom they provide … Continue reading Women & Mental Health by Bianca Danielle Guidry

Whole Woman Wellness Month

Whole Woman Wellness Month In October, as the Fall brings in the changing colors of the leaves, we want to bring a change in ideas about women's health and wellness.  Women, the carriers of life, suffer with a lower quality of life often because we're too concerned about making sure everyone else is okay. We've … Continue reading Whole Woman Wellness Month

#NAMI: Helping Create a World Without #Stigma

A NAMIWalk is made up of people living with a mental illness, their families, friends, caring professionals and members of the community who all join forces to celebrate and further NAMI’s mission. At our NAMIWalk in Delaware, we are all strengthened by the courage, enthusiasm, compassion, admiration and inspiration that swells through the crowd as … Continue reading #NAMI: Helping Create a World Without #Stigma