#HerStoryOurFuture with Kristen L. Pope

Kristen Lauren Pope is a faith-walking, Jesus-following, miracle-believing, wife, mother-to-be, daughter, friend, entertainer, performer, mentor, leader, influencer, author, speaker and television personality. That’s the long version. LOL. Ultimately, I can be summed up in three words: I’m an inspirer, encourager, and a connector. It’s important for me to know those core attributes about myself. They are the nuclei of who I am and they shape and encapsulate everything else.

I love separating who I am from what I do — but I love what I do! I’m the CEO of Pope Productions (PP), a boutique production company; the Host of PP’s social and cultural flagship talk show, “The Positive Controversy with Kristen L. Pope;” and Founder of the female and faith development non-profit The King’s Daughters, Inc.

I’ll start with my first baby. I created The King’s Daughters, Inc after a tumultuous relationship that stripped me of my esteem and confidence. Prior to the relationship, I was focused, just a couple years out of college and driving my career in NYC. I was sure of myself, and I knew where I was going. After the relationship, I was completely lost. I began a journey with God to be found. While on the journey, I created a place for women to connect, be empowered, encourage each other in abstinence before marriage, and grow in their faith. Today, I’m replanting the organization in Boston, where I reside. Women are so powerful, but when the forces of this world come to tear us down, I believe the world loses a piece of it’s soul. Women are the heartbeat of everything and it is always my mission to provide a space where women are valued.

My husband and I moved to Boston from NYC at the end of 2015, and since living in Massachusetts, I’ve started a small professional women’s collective that focuses on sisterhood and sharing resources. It’s so natural for me to gather women from all walks of life and bring us together as a support system for each other.

Pope Productions was born out of my love and passion for media. I have a broadcast journalism degree and my 9 to 5 is working as a television reporter. I love all things media and have the skills to create great content and help others do the same. “The Positive Controversy with Kristen Pope” the flagship show of my production company was an organic endeavor as I love connecting with people. I was destined to create a show that tackled issues you don’t often see covered by the mainstream news. We’re currently in post production and pitching our second season to television and digital networks. Both of my businesses to date are self-funded. My mission this year is to monetize Pope Productions in order to expand and produce more work.

Being a woman CEO and founder is empowering. The world will tell you there are limits to what we can do, but you don’t have to accept them. I want to leave a legacy of content that contributed positively to society.

For women wanting to go into business, I encourage you to have a plan. Seek wise counsel. Know how you can make money through your business. I was once told, a business that makes no money is a hobby. You have to decide whether you want a hobby or you want to be in business.

In all of this, my greatest message I want women to know is there’s enough to go around. You may be in competing businesses, but that doesn’t mean you compete with one another. Live with an abundant mindset. That what’s for you, will not pass you by and supporting one another should be a value you live by, not an option.

Like all women, I have internal struggles. The most urgent right now, is settling that I’m going to be a good mom and have everything my expectant baby needs. I’m a faith person and a believer in Jesus Christ. Overall, I know that He’s equipped me with everything I need to raise my baby in a beautiful and healthy way. Thankfully, over the years, I’ve become much more accepting of myself and all my flaws. I practice an activity to shake off negative self talk. I call it “The Xchange.” It’s where I speak out loud all the nasty, negative lies swirling around in my head, and I sit with them in the atmosphere. I take about  10 minutes and them I confess out loud the truth of Christ and what He says about me. It changes my perspective and my direction.

What’s next…becoming a mom this summer! I’m so excited about this new journey of motherhood. It took me a while in my adult life to embrace one day being a mom. Now, I’m here. I’m not quite sure I’ll balance life and motherhood, but I believe like Nike, I’ll just do it! I have so many great examples to glean. I hope to raise my daughter to love and appreciate all of the gifts she has inside. I most admire my mom as one of my biggest inspirations. She is a mother of three who are in completely different places in our lives. At any given time on any given day, she’s fielding calls from all of us about our respective lives. She does it with much grace, love and compassion. I hope to emulate those traits as I transition into motherhood.

Late last year, I decided to cultivate another gift of mine. Stand up comedy. I threw my hat in the game at the end of 2016 and now I’m 16 shows in! I love getting on stage and telling stories of my life in comedic ways.

What’s next…Pope Productions will release season 2 of The Positive Controversy. The King’s Daughters is going to transform the lives of women in Boston and across the globe through speaking, books and opportunities to transparently connect. 

Professionally, I’m blessed with a dynamic, winning women’s circle. They are all crushing their respective sectors and it gives me the determination and push to be great.

If I were to have a conversation with my younger self, I’d tell her to be herself. Be authentic. For most of my life, I did what I felt people wanted me to do. I did what seemed socially acceptable. I lived in a box and was a chameleon. Today, I’ve shed all of that. I understand that what makes me different and unique is what makes me great. That living in the box stifles the best of me. That dimming my light to make others comfortable at it’s highest level is a sin. We are meant to shine and God made us different and unique on purpose and that’s something we should celebrate by living out our highest potential every day.

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