Women & Mental Health by Bianca Danielle Guidry

Ask 50 women today to name all of the things they love. How long do you think it would take for them to say that they love themselves? What is the percentage of women who recognize that they need to be loved as much as the next person, even the people for whom they provide … Continue reading Women & Mental Health by Bianca Danielle Guidry

Shared #Leadership by @JonathanKegler

STOP HOGGING THE BALL!!!! This phrase is uttered many times in the game of basketball when the said point guard/default leader of the team on the court does not pass the ball to their teammates. This person takes a majority of the shots for the team and attempts to navigate through the defenders on their … Continue reading Shared #Leadership by @JonathanKegler

#Leadership: Resilience Training by @MoniqueAJMorgan (Monique A.J. Smith)

Let go of the reins of control and enjoy the journey. Uncertainty is maddening for the perfectionist or control freak executive. When the unexpected or unplanned occurs, do you stop the journey? No, you recalibrate your path, you reinvent your pitch, construct a new idea. That is not an easy task for the person who … Continue reading #Leadership: Resilience Training by @MoniqueAJMorgan (Monique A.J. Smith)